Friday, October 5, 2012

A little recognition goes a long way

Blogging is an ambivalent activity. It is simultaneously the source of both gratifying sense of achievement, and at the same time, the source of the dreadful to-do chore that looms undone on your ever growing to-do list. It's an ugly sensation, being weighed down by your own device.. those evil to-do's.

But this post is not about that. It is more related to, or more precisely, due to one of those rare moments of recognition, that come unsolicited and utterly unexpected. That simple act of being recognized or thanked for your humble work and contribution to the infinitude of collective consciousness and knowledge base of the human civilization.

In this context, my humble work is an article I wrote for CodeProject almost 4 years ago, about implementing a custom Provider using the Workflow Foundation, which at the time was still fresh out of the oven of the Microsoft kitchen. It seems that it still serves some use after all:

So stay motivated and always B#!

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